“Civilization began with agriculture. After our nomadic ancestors began to settle and grow their own food, human society was forever changed.” – One Country journal

It is laudable that you want to become a farm sponsor or you’re just seeking ways to invest your money, either way, we at menorah farms can help you achieve your goal while at the same time produce food for the nation, empower farmers and create jobs for people.

Agriculture is one of the biggest sources of livelihood for people all around the world. It not only accounts for the major source of food products for any country, but it also contributes to ensuring food security as well as providing income for many nations.

Growth in agriculture boosts economic development and it is important in international trade. The impact of agriculture on a country’s wellbeing is so enormous and far-reaching, efforts need to be made to develop the sector.

“Enter technology.”

Agrictech initiatives like Menorah farms play a salient role in increasing food production as well as participation in agricultural and farming activities.

We provide capital for farmers to scale up their production, provide them with tools needed to track and monitor farm growth, connect them to information about world best practices, predict weather patterns, insure against losses and help lay-people get involved in the all-important work of food production right from the comfort of their houses. Yup! Technology helps to do all that. Menorah Farms aims to tackle the unemployment rate in Nigeria, empower farmers, increase food security in the nation as well as improve agricultural production in the world.

Below are more solid reasons why you should farm/invest with us in case you are still contemplating:

  • WE GIVE YOU A RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF UP TO 40%  – Seriously, what other agritech company does that? Menorah farms is a people-oriented company, from farmers to staff to investors, our major desire is that everyone is satisfied, grows and are happy. With this in mind, we offer an ROI of up to 40% on some of our products to ensure that indeed everyone is happy at the end of a farming season.
  • SHORTER TIMING, FASTER TURNOVER –  Anyone can get a million naira. The vulcanizer gets it in 10 years, the business mogul gets it in a week. See why you need a plan with a faster turnover time! With Menorah Farms, gone are the days when you had to invest for a year before getting your profit; you can get returns as fast as five months.
  • LOWER START-UP CAPITAL – This is not only good for low-income earners, but it is also perfect for students and a great way to introduce your children to investing and investments. With just #5000, one can invest in our poultry farm and make an ROI of up to 40% at the end of the day.
  • GENERALLY EASY, CONVENIENT AND RELIABLE – Technology aims to provide ease, convenience and offer a better means of doing something. Menorah farms are very particular about technology. Our goal is that our investors invest in a seamless, stressful manner, from the very comfort of their homes and also monitor their investments without hitches. Our app makes this possible and we can assure you, it is very reliable.

All these said I’m sure you are thinking of how to maximize this opportunity and get involved. Very simple. You can either visit our website at Menorahfarms.com  or download our app on google play store and start investing. Whatever option you pick, don’t be left out!