What makes Christmas special for you? Is it the opportunity to give and share or the abundant Jollof/fried rice and incredibly massive chicken or turkey Or the delicious looking and tasting salads? Is Christmas more about the cookies, chocolates, biscuits of all sorts and free drinks or the numerous sightseeing opportunities? Or is it the parte after parte or the opportunity to give and probably receive that makes Christmas one of your favorite times of the year?

Regardless of what kind of Christmas-er (for lack of a better word) you are, these 5 rules apply to you and would profit you immensely this Christmas season:

1. Eat right –

In Nigeria and most of Africa, the Christmas period could also be equated to a food marathon. It’s as if everywhere we turn, we find food. We eat at Christmas parties at work, during outings with friends, we exchange food with neighbors, get all sorts of cookie gifts and hampers from well-wishers, the Christian folks even eat in the church; let’s not get started on all the family visits, cooking, and merriment that takes place during Christmas. 

Naturally, with the availability of so much food at a time, the tendency to binge eat would go up, however you must exercise control and restraint, at least for the sake of your health.

Try not to overdo your food consumption when you see the table set before you by wanting to consume every single thing on the table. If you’re on a weight gain plan, be careful, indigestion is a real thing. And if you’re on a weight loss plan or fasting during this period, stick to it but be sure to eat well.

The keyword here is moderation. Try to be moderate about what goes through your mouth. Supplement food with more fruits veggies. Be careful. Statistics have shown that food poisoning is twice higher during the festive period.

2. Drink plenty of water – 

This cannot be overstressed. Drinking water helps you stay hydrated especially during the harmattan period when the weather is dry and we tend to lose water faster through the skin. Also, water helps boost skin and beauty and at the same time regulates body temperature. Water maintains the body balance and would keep you refreshed. 

Try not to binge drink on carbonated or alcoholic drinks. Rather interchange with water.

3.      Exercise – 

Another lovely thing about Christmas is the break and real opportunity to stay home. For some of us, we take this time to catch up on sleep, on the TV shows we missed during the year, binge-watch movies…etc. These are all Nobel plans but try not to become a couch potato, letting your muscles waste away from lack of use. Move around. Allow your body to be challenged and to burn off some of those extra calories you are going to accumulate. Staying in at a spot for too long doesn’t just affect your body physically, it also affects the mind.

Take the opportunity to walk, to exercise, visit friends, run, play some sports, dance, sing in the shower, read a book, play games…just ensure you’re not sitting too long or lying all day.

4. Keep your mind busy – 

Very important. Actively review the past year. Remind yourself of things to be grateful for. Celebrate the wins and evaluate the losses. Make a comeback plan in areas where you let yourself down. And very importantly decide that you would make a positive impact in someone’s life in the coming year.

5. Rest! Rest!! Rest!!!

 Be intentional about taking time to let your body rejuvenate. I am not talking about just lazying about the house doing nothing. What I am referring to is to be conscious about refueling for next year. Relax. Allow yourself to breathe. Spend time alone with yourself and be deliberate about your sleep. Don’t come out on the other side of this break feeling like it was just a weekend that passed. Come into 2020 feeling ready to take on the world!

Bonus point, remember to stay safe. Obey all traffic rules and stay vigilant. Please don’t drink and drive. Once again, eat moderately and relax. From all of us here at Menorah Farms, we wish you a merry Christmas.