Like in the Grammys, where artistes come up to the stage to receive their awards then become overwhelmed with emotions and end up pouring an unending stream of thank yous to all their fans and supporters, we also are so overwhelmed with gratitude at this moment, our thank yous can’t fit into this entire article. 

 However, we still say thank you. 2019 was memorable because you became a part of what we do. We as a company have only gone so far because our customers have made it possible and for this are immensely grateful. 

Looking back at 2019, here are some of the things we achieved with your help:

1. Menorah Farm successfully opened 3 farms for sponsorship during the first half of the company’s year –

 The fish farm, poultry farm, and cucumber farm were opened during the first half of the company’s year and at the end of the season, about 3000 farm units were purchased by 500 investors. These farms were also fully funded by investors; for which they received their capitals and profits in full.

2. We newly purchased a 25k poultry capacity at Ibogun, Ifo in Ogun state – 

This property was acquired to accommodate more birds and improve the quality of our poultry farm in the coming year. 

3. Menorah Farms also expanded the company – 

By moving to a much bigger, spacious and better office. We also took on fresh, youthful and innovative employees, knowing the importance of maximizing and empowering our Nigerian youths and channeling their resources into productive use.

4. Tech-wise we didn’t carry last! We improved our online presence, created an app and upgraded the app – 

What is an Agrotech company anyway without tech or an online presence? Good question! This 2019, not only did we endeavor to maximize all our online and social media platforms, we created an app for easy transaction and communication between the company and its clients; then upgraded it to make the process even faster and seamless. This was made very possible with your feedback and for that, we are very grateful.

5. Menorah Farms partnered with Leadway Assurance – 

Menorah farms fully partnered with Leadway Assurance, one of the oldest insurance companies in Nigeria to ensure that investors are fully covered in the case of eventualities. The insurance secures the investor’s capital and pays assessed value in the event of death.

Moving forward, we want to serve you better in the New year, so come 2020 Menorah Farms plans to:

  • Release an IOS app within the first quarter of 2020
  • Provide more improved customer care-clients interactions 
  • Provide more value chain additions to our farm produce to maximize profits
  • Increase both local and international investors

I’ll end with the words of Steve Maraboli (paraphrased): “You changed Menorah’s life without even trying, and we don’t think we could ever tell you how much you mean to us. We can’t imagine what 2019 would have been like if we hadn’t met you.”  



Compliments of the season!